What’s the thickest material that you can cut on your laser?

Tynbell Sheetmetal specialises in laser cutting mild steels up to 25.0 mm and stainless steels up to 20.0 mm. We also cut aluminium up to 16.0 mm.

What type of engineering software do you use?                                                                        

Our primary platform is SolidWorks, however we can take files in multiple formats, and convert them to SolidWorks.  You can send your drawings in the following formats: DWF, DWG, DXF, EDRW, IGES, PDF, SLDASM, SLDDRW, SLDPRT, STEP/STP

Are you welders Qualified?

We have inhouse welding procedures for Aluminium, Mild Steel and Stainless which our welders have be qualified to.

What do I need to provide in order to get a quote?

Please submit whatever information you have, along with quantities required, and we will work on pricing for you. The more information you provide, the more accurate the pricing will be.

Do you offer plant tours so we understand your capabilities?

We welcome plant tours at Tynbell Sheetmetal. We are proud of our laser cutting and custom metal fabricating abilities and would be glad to demonstrate our capabilities. Just contact us and we can set up a tour.

How long does fabrication take?

Depending on workload and job complexity, most fabrication jobs can be completed within a week or two.

Can you arrange delivery?

Absolutely – we have a range of couriers and taxi trucks that can deliver your jobs throughout Adelaide, across South Australia or interstate.

What about painting or powder-coating?

No problems – we have access to a variety of local service providers, each tried, tested and recommended highly.

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