Many components require additional finishing processes such as countersinking, drilling, tapping, surface treatments and nutsert’s. Tynbell Sheetmetal can provide these extra processing services, meaning that you receive finished parts, saving time and resources. Tynbell Sheetmetal can also arrange surface finishing such as galvanising, zinc pacification and painting, both powder coating and wet-spray.


The furniture industry is diverse, and there has been a trend towards metal furniture designs coming back into demand.  From office and school furniture, to kitchen, outdoor and garden furniture, we see the more modern furniture designs using our tube cutting technology.

Industrial Plants & Machinery

The industrial market is so varied in its needs – whether it is a specific part of a plant that needs tube cutting technology, or a component within complex machinery – including cranes, packaging machines, or even animal feeding systems. However precise the need, our machines and engineers are able to cater to your specific need.

Steel & Metal Infrastructure

Almost all homes have components that require laser cutting services. Whether it’s the scaffolds before building someone’s dream project, or the finished doors, windows, balconies, stairways or canopies – we can assure you we have the laser that can do your job.

Transport & Specialised Vehicles

We are highly experienced in providing highly efficient, prompt and cost-effective laser cutting solutions for all industries. The use of laser cutting in the automotive sector has numerous applications, including agricultural machinery, public transport vehicle manufacturing, heavy rail exhaust gas systems and more.